Friday, October 3, 2008


I have had a TERRIBLE time finding shoes for Zach. His feet are soooo tiny and all the shoes I have found in his size are the soft soled kind that he isn't able to walk in. Apparently, most babies/toddlers with size 2 feet are still crawling......well not our gifted boy!!! :)

Since I couldn't find anything in the stores, I headed online to find Zach some shoes. I have felt like a neglectful parent cuz he doesn't have shoes and they play outside at daycare. Poor Zach only has his socks to wear and comes home with all sorts of dirt and grass stains on them.

I was soooooo excited when the shoes arrived at my office today. Here's the box they came it! It is such a cute box....never have seen a nike box that's so little! Can't really get the gist of how little the box is by the picture though.

The shoes from the top......

And from the side......aren't they adorable!

And just to give you an idea about how tiny the shoes are......I took a picture to compare them to the size of my hand!

I can't wait to go pick Zach up from daycare to put his new shoes on him!!!!! Anyone want to guess how fast he'll be in them? I bet I'm sure he'll be thrilled with them! I'll have to post a pic of him in them later this weekend!

Hope I'm able to finish getting some work done the rest of the day.....the excitement of the shoes may just be too much to overcome! Sad to think I'm that easily amused......

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Monica said...

Those are awesome!!! Yay Zachy, and won't daddy be proud...his little boy's first running shoes. :-) Gemma's in 2's also, but she's not walking so she just pretty much doesn't wear shoes. They just seemed superfluous during summer. We have a few hand-me-down pairs though, and some I've picked up at consignment sales that we'll have to be getting out before too long. Speaking of consignment sales, those are the WAY to go when it comes to baby clothes, etc. Let me know if you'd like more info. They are typically in fall and spring, and there are 5-6 local ones here, several of which are always fabulous!! Have a great weekend, tell Donnie hi!