Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!

It was Justin's birthday this week. And if you've been following my blog at all, you know from Zach and Treyton's birthdays that it is tradition at our house for the birthday fairy to visit on the morning of your birthday. She leaves behind streamers, balloons and a birthday outfit. Here is the customary birthday photo modeling the outfit and birthday fairy leftovers......

A second pose....looking much more cool of course......

Does he even look 17???? I don't think so either! This is Justin's 3rd birthday he has celebrated with us. My he has changed a TON! I'll have to look for some pics of him when we got him. Hardly looks like the same kid!
Of course there were gifts........Zach was loads of help! Here's a few of the gifts he got........

Skateboard........he goes through these quickly! I think every birthday and Christmas he has asked for a new board!

Mini skateboard....finger decks I believe they are called. See a theme here.....yes he is a skateboard fan!

New backpack he wanted......a skateboard brand I might add!

Cake pictures will have to come later. His birthday fell during the week and we didn't get to have extended family over for cake yet. Will post those in the near future!


Other random things.............

Donnie went this weekend to my brother Derek's in Iowa along with my dad and my new brother-in-law (1 week now) Kyle. We went together and got a side of beef and pork. So they all took a road trip to Derek's to pick up the meat. The camera went along for the ride in order to photograph the event. He only took 2 pictures! I had requested pics of my 3 adorable nieces.....6 year old Tayia and 1 1/2 year old twins Tiffany and Trista. My brother's 3 girls are just adorable! Donnie did NOT follow through with my request though......he's lucky I just saw them a week ago!

Here's the back of my dad's truck. Good thing we weren't trying to haul anything else! That's a lot of meat!

Here's the boys picking up the meat. At the far left is my dad......handsome fellow isn't he! :) Then next to him is Kyle. Does he look like a newlywed??? Then of course is my husband. And next to him is my OLDER brother Derek! I'm not too sure who's taking the picture cuz that's everyone that went on the trip.

Ending the post tonight with a few pics of Zach.....not his best look, but still adorable!! Zach LOVES to help his dad in the yard. Donnie is busy tearing out a section of our yard that has crab grass in it and is planting new grass there. Zach likes to "help" out. Prior to his going out back, he and I had a discussion about digging in the dirt rather than eating it.......ya think he listened very well???? I can tell by the look on his face that he has a "that's right I did it anyway" attitude going on! It also looks like he could be getting ready to head to a disco......collar up (at least half of it) and fingers pointing like he's ready to dance!

Close up.....good view of the dirt AND snot combination! :) Who lets their kid look like this? Collar's all messed up, shirts a mess, dirt AND snot on his face.....and I just noticed that buster had developed a bit of a double chin! NOW he's starting to look like he could be my biological child! :)

Yet he's still adorable even with all that gunk......I just love his smile!!!!

Have lots of things to update hopefully I get back on here this week!


Monica said...

We have crab grass issues too. Our neighbor is a master gardener and has told us the stuff to put on it each fall and spring that really helps. If you'd like to know, I can ask Aaron and tell you.

Monica said...

Hey Dannon, thanx for your comment on my blog! I appreciate you looking out for me, I love swapping advice/stories with other moms. Yes, Gemma has already had some constipation issues, which is partially why we waited this long on bananas in the first place (that and the sweet yummy taste). So we'll definitely be keeping an eye on that.

And wow, isn't making your own baby food great?! I always feel like I'm saving soooo much money, it's just ridiculous how expensive that stuff is. I mean, come on, $.64 for a 2 oz. jar of strained, watered down carrots. I can buy a 1lb bag of frozens and process them myself for about $1.49. Ridiculous? Which book do you have, I've taken a look at "Super Baby Food" and copies some of the instructions from it. Really haven't done much with spices yet though. Let me know which book you have.

And yeah, most of the time when we introduce something new we have to put it in her oatmeal to kind of "ease her in" to the new taste. She's a cautious one, like her momma!

Thanks again!