Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Behind the times.....old pics that didn't get posted

I had planned to post our pics from the pumpkin patch this past weekend, but I got nothing but memory card/computer attitude tonight and was unable to do so!!! I bought a new memory card just for the pumpkin patch pics as I was worried about running out of space on our other one. I did EXACTLY the same thing I do with the other memory card and it doesn't want to work. Soooooo, I put in the old memory card and I get access to pics. Go figure! Anyhow......since I can't post on what I planned on, I thought I would share some random things from the past few weeks that I didn't get posted earlier!

A few weeks ago, we had great weather and I was cleaning out the freezer in the garage in preparation for Donnie's trip to Nebraska to get all our meat. I found this random popsicle all by itself and thought it was a good time for Zach to try his first popsicle.....which of course is a photo opportunity! He seemed to enjoy it.....

Wanna bite? Cuz I will share with you!

Surprisingly, he didn't make a complete mess of himself. He only ate part of it before his dad finished it off for him!

Other random pics.......

Here are some pics we took a couple weeks ago that I didn't get a chance to post yet. I few posts ago, I posted pics of Donnie's trip to Nebraska with my dad and brother-in-law. What I didn't say was the day after he got back, we had to drive to Hutchinson to meet my sister and brother-in-law because Kyle left his overnight bag in Donnie's vehicle!!!!! Sooooo, we got up and drove halfway between Wichita and Ellsworth to meet them. We got there about 45 minutes before them, so we went to a nature center they have in Hutch. It was a beutiful day out and we got some fun pics there with Zach. Here's a few of them....... (notice in the pics that Zach is wearing shoes!!!! YEAH!!!!)

In this pic, Donnie and Zach are next to a statue which Zach was intrigued by. I'm on a rock out by the water and out of reach to catch my boy in the event he were to fall in the water. One would think Donnie is close enough to catch him or better yet avoid the fall all together......but apparently that's crazy thinking on my part!!!! Just after I took this pic, Zach fell in the water!!!! Granted only one leg made it in and he probably stepped in the water verses fell in the water, but I think the fell in the water while his dad was inches away is a better story! :)

Here's Zach and I.....in the wind on a day I did NOT do my hair I might add! Almost didn't post the pic cuz of that, but I all the rest of the pics are with Donnie and Zach so thought I would put at least one with Zach and I together!

This was the neatest tree with the strangest roots sticking out that I have ever seen. Was a bit tricky for our little guy to get around, but he managed!

Hanging out by the water......thankfully staying a bit more dry this time!

Here's Zach and Donnie walking ahead of me......I love these pics of Donnie and Zach holding hands walking together! Won't be long before he won't let us hold his hand anymore when we walk with him.......

On our way out of the nature center we were nearly attacked by an enormous bird! LOOK OUT GUYS.......my goodness they have HUGE birds at the nature center......:)

After Kyle and Desiree made it to town, we went to lunch and then Zach took photos with his aunt and new uncle.....

Always fun to see them.......we only live a couple hours apart so should see them more often than we do. Looking forward to going to visit them in the new house they just bought. Kyle has been down to help us with our remodeling project so we will do the same for them in return! Although not sure when that will be!

Hopefully will get to post the pumpkin patch pics later this week. I'm going to need Donnie's assistance with the camera/computer attitude problem first though!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 Things I hate to admit.....

Well, my co-worker Michelle "tagged" me. Apparently, when you are tagged you HAVE to do what they say! :) So, here's my response to being tagged.....topic is 5 things I hate to admit about myself.

1. I LOVE to wear mismatched lounge wear around the house! I have to match when leaving the house, so I figure why do it at home. So if you drop by unannounced, no telling what color scheme I'll be wearing!

2. I'm a solitaire junky....ok any game similar to solitaire junky is more like it. I like the challenge of figuring out the puzzle. Not into the team thing. Donnie and I have tried to play them together and he doesn't always play right so he can't play with me anymore! :)

3. I love to travel places......but absolutely HATE to pack and unpack. I've been known to pack for Camp Hope (camp for kids w/ cancer that I volunteer for a week at every summer) the morning we leave. And this is going to kill Barb, but I have my rubbermaid tub shoved in the storage closet and it's still pretty much packed from camp. Yes it was in June, but now that we are almost 6 months away from camp again maybe we could just say I have already started packing for next summer's camp! Gosh I'm ahead of the game!

4. I hate that I'm a picky eater. It drives my co-workers crazy as they constantly try to get me to try new foods, but I refuse to try things I deem as "scary looking." I wish I could make myself do it, but I just can't. I think that salads look neat....just not for me. I do make scary looking things for my family and try to make my kids eat them even though I don't do that myself. I know.....great example!

5. I love to shop.....especially for my children, probably more for Zach than the older kids. I think his little tiny clothes are soooo cute. If I didn't worry about my husband's response, I would shop more often than I do! Before we were married I shopped MUCH more than I do now and I remind him of that when he fusses about it! :)

Ok.....completed my first getting tagged post. Apparently I now get to tag 2 people who read my blog. What I was told is that you get to do this blog and leave me a message to let me know you completed your task so I can come read all about it. Then you get to tag 2 people you know! So good luck Monica and my sister Michelle! :)

We are headed to the pumpkin patch today.....so look for fun photos of that to come!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zach's battle wound.....

Well Zach figured out how to do something new this past weekend......open the sliding screen door to the back patio! Unfortunately, he doesn't have the best judgement or depth perception and tumbled right out out the back door and down the cement step. He managed to only get one scrap, however it is smack dab in the middle of his forehead!!!!! He fell out the door and landed on his forehead, which scrapped it's way down to the next step. He didn't cry too hard and the scrap didn't look too bad initially. But as the day progressed the darker the scrap became. Doesn't seem to bother him too much, just looks like it should hurt!

He was NOT cooperative with my efforts to photograph the injury, thus you get the "action" photo of my efforts. The injury occured on Saturday and this pic is from Monday night....so it's had a couple days to scab over, however as you can tell from the photo he has torn the top of the scab off.

He came home from daycare Monday looking like this........nice bandaid buddy!!!! He apparently did the tearing of the scab at Miss Tarren's and this is the only bandaid she had that didn't have the sticky part of the bandaid on his scab! It looks a bit dramatic with that size of bandaid doesn't it?! I think he looks funny.....Donnie called him crash all evening with this bandaid on his head!

He doesn't seem to care too much about the fact that his entire forehead is covered with a bandaid!

Between this injury and the bumps he gets from falling or from fit throwing now, his poor head looks like a bumpy, scrapped bruise! I keep thinking that if he hits his head hard enough when throwing himself backwards in a fit that he will quit doing it......hasn't figured that out yet though! I know the wonderful world of tantrums has just begun and I for one am already tired of it!!!! I think I have a strong willed stubborn child on my hands......little does he know that he's got a mommy that will give him a run for his money! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!

It was Justin's birthday this week. And if you've been following my blog at all, you know from Zach and Treyton's birthdays that it is tradition at our house for the birthday fairy to visit on the morning of your birthday. She leaves behind streamers, balloons and a birthday outfit. Here is the customary birthday photo modeling the outfit and birthday fairy leftovers......

A second pose....looking much more cool of course......

Does he even look 17???? I don't think so either! This is Justin's 3rd birthday he has celebrated with us. My he has changed a TON! I'll have to look for some pics of him when we got him. Hardly looks like the same kid!
Of course there were gifts........Zach was loads of help! Here's a few of the gifts he got........

Skateboard........he goes through these quickly! I think every birthday and Christmas he has asked for a new board!

Mini skateboard....finger decks I believe they are called. See a theme here.....yes he is a skateboard fan!

New backpack he wanted......a skateboard brand I might add!

Cake pictures will have to come later. His birthday fell during the week and we didn't get to have extended family over for cake yet. Will post those in the near future!


Other random things.............

Donnie went this weekend to my brother Derek's in Iowa along with my dad and my new brother-in-law (1 week now) Kyle. We went together and got a side of beef and pork. So they all took a road trip to Derek's to pick up the meat. The camera went along for the ride in order to photograph the event. He only took 2 pictures! I had requested pics of my 3 adorable nieces.....6 year old Tayia and 1 1/2 year old twins Tiffany and Trista. My brother's 3 girls are just adorable! Donnie did NOT follow through with my request though......he's lucky I just saw them a week ago!

Here's the back of my dad's truck. Good thing we weren't trying to haul anything else! That's a lot of meat!

Here's the boys picking up the meat. At the far left is my dad......handsome fellow isn't he! :) Then next to him is Kyle. Does he look like a newlywed??? Then of course is my husband. And next to him is my OLDER brother Derek! I'm not too sure who's taking the picture cuz that's everyone that went on the trip.

Ending the post tonight with a few pics of Zach.....not his best look, but still adorable!! Zach LOVES to help his dad in the yard. Donnie is busy tearing out a section of our yard that has crab grass in it and is planting new grass there. Zach likes to "help" out. Prior to his going out back, he and I had a discussion about digging in the dirt rather than eating it.......ya think he listened very well???? I can tell by the look on his face that he has a "that's right I did it anyway" attitude going on! It also looks like he could be getting ready to head to a disco......collar up (at least half of it) and fingers pointing like he's ready to dance!

Close up.....good view of the dirt AND snot combination! :) Who lets their kid look like this? Collar's all messed up, shirts a mess, dirt AND snot on his face.....and I just noticed that buster had developed a bit of a double chin! NOW he's starting to look like he could be my biological child! :)

Yet he's still adorable even with all that gunk......I just love his smile!!!!

Have lots of things to update about......so hopefully I get back on here this week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Zeke!

Our nephew Zeke turned 2 on the October 6th and we celebrated with him at Burger King play place. He's getting so big!!!! I took a few pics of the party......here he is ultra concentrating on blowing out the candles on his cake. That's his sister Sylvia with her arm around him "helping" him out!

Opening gifts.......

Zachary was caught up with the play structure. Mr. Brave decided to it might be fun to go up in the play structure with Justin. Justin tried to act as though he didn't want to go up, but I knew otherwise cuz he loves that kind of thing even at the age of 16!

Crawling in with Justin and our niece Sylvia. Seems good so far!

Part way up and he's apparently changing his mind and thinks this may not be as fun as he thought it would be!

He spotted us and is NOT happy about being up in the play structure and us down on the ground. He screamed til he got to the bottom. Traumatic enough there were actually real tears!

Very sad Zachy here telling us all about the scary tale of going up in the play place structure without one of his parents! I think he's being a bit dramatic about the whole ordeal......
Now who can say no to that face???? So I caved and climbed up in the structure that is ABSOLUTELY not meant for adult sized people! Made it to the top where Zach eyed his dad.....here he is pounding on the window and waving at everyone below and laughing cuz he suckered his mom in to climbing up there! I'm laughing cuz I'm thinking about the slide ride down that I was about to take! Let's just say that getting into the slide tube was a challenge, but we did manage to make it out without tears from either one of us! :)

We are headed out tomorrow to head to Norton for my younger sister's wedding. Be looking for some photos from those festivities soon!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zach meets shoes......

Well.....for those of you who didn't catch my last entry, you'll want to go read it to capture the excitement I had over Zach's first pair of tennis shoes. I photographed his introduction to the shoes and these are my thoughts on what he must've been thinking....

Interesting things these shoes...... (there is a shadow in this pic his curls are NOT that full!!! looks like a bush back there and it's NOT! :) )
Looking them over closely to make sure I didn't get a pair with any flaws......

I think I'm ready to try these things out.....

Now how do I get down from here wearing shoes????

My mom thinks I need to wear these things outside.....but I managed to get them off before she could take my picture wearing them.....funny!

I think I'm amusing my mom......think this smile will get me brownie points since I don't really like wearing my new shoes???

Maybe I'll just throw my shoes....

No comment by mom.....

Good thing I'm cute cuz I think my mom wanted me to actually wear the shoes she specially ordered for me since she couldn't find any in the entire town to buy me!

Hoping this isn't the first of many things I buy him that I love only to have him toss them aside like they're nothing!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I have had a TERRIBLE time finding shoes for Zach. His feet are soooo tiny and all the shoes I have found in his size are the soft soled kind that he isn't able to walk in. Apparently, most babies/toddlers with size 2 feet are still crawling......well not our gifted boy!!! :)

Since I couldn't find anything in the stores, I headed online to find Zach some shoes. I have felt like a neglectful parent cuz he doesn't have shoes and they play outside at daycare. Poor Zach only has his socks to wear and comes home with all sorts of dirt and grass stains on them.

I was soooooo excited when the shoes arrived at my office today. Here's the box they came it! It is such a cute box....never have seen a nike box that's so little! Can't really get the gist of how little the box is by the picture though.

The shoes from the top......

And from the side......aren't they adorable!

And just to give you an idea about how tiny the shoes are......I took a picture to compare them to the size of my hand!

I can't wait to go pick Zach up from daycare to put his new shoes on him!!!!! Anyone want to guess how fast he'll be in them? I bet I'm sure he'll be thrilled with them! I'll have to post a pic of him in them later this weekend!

Hope I'm able to finish getting some work done the rest of the day.....the excitement of the shoes may just be too much to overcome! Sad to think I'm that easily amused......