Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Zeke!

Our nephew Zeke turned 2 on the October 6th and we celebrated with him at Burger King play place. He's getting so big!!!! I took a few pics of the he is ultra concentrating on blowing out the candles on his cake. That's his sister Sylvia with her arm around him "helping" him out!

Opening gifts.......

Zachary was caught up with the play structure. Mr. Brave decided to it might be fun to go up in the play structure with Justin. Justin tried to act as though he didn't want to go up, but I knew otherwise cuz he loves that kind of thing even at the age of 16!

Crawling in with Justin and our niece Sylvia. Seems good so far!

Part way up and he's apparently changing his mind and thinks this may not be as fun as he thought it would be!

He spotted us and is NOT happy about being up in the play structure and us down on the ground. He screamed til he got to the bottom. Traumatic enough there were actually real tears!

Very sad Zachy here telling us all about the scary tale of going up in the play place structure without one of his parents! I think he's being a bit dramatic about the whole ordeal......
Now who can say no to that face???? So I caved and climbed up in the structure that is ABSOLUTELY not meant for adult sized people! Made it to the top where Zach eyed his he is pounding on the window and waving at everyone below and laughing cuz he suckered his mom in to climbing up there! I'm laughing cuz I'm thinking about the slide ride down that I was about to take! Let's just say that getting into the slide tube was a challenge, but we did manage to make it out without tears from either one of us! :)

We are headed out tomorrow to head to Norton for my younger sister's wedding. Be looking for some photos from those festivities soon!

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