Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Behind the times.....old pics that didn't get posted

I had planned to post our pics from the pumpkin patch this past weekend, but I got nothing but memory card/computer attitude tonight and was unable to do so!!! I bought a new memory card just for the pumpkin patch pics as I was worried about running out of space on our other one. I did EXACTLY the same thing I do with the other memory card and it doesn't want to work. Soooooo, I put in the old memory card and I get access to pics. Go figure! Anyhow......since I can't post on what I planned on, I thought I would share some random things from the past few weeks that I didn't get posted earlier!

A few weeks ago, we had great weather and I was cleaning out the freezer in the garage in preparation for Donnie's trip to Nebraska to get all our meat. I found this random popsicle all by itself and thought it was a good time for Zach to try his first popsicle.....which of course is a photo opportunity! He seemed to enjoy it.....

Wanna bite? Cuz I will share with you!

Surprisingly, he didn't make a complete mess of himself. He only ate part of it before his dad finished it off for him!

Other random pics.......

Here are some pics we took a couple weeks ago that I didn't get a chance to post yet. I few posts ago, I posted pics of Donnie's trip to Nebraska with my dad and brother-in-law. What I didn't say was the day after he got back, we had to drive to Hutchinson to meet my sister and brother-in-law because Kyle left his overnight bag in Donnie's vehicle!!!!! Sooooo, we got up and drove halfway between Wichita and Ellsworth to meet them. We got there about 45 minutes before them, so we went to a nature center they have in Hutch. It was a beutiful day out and we got some fun pics there with Zach. Here's a few of them....... (notice in the pics that Zach is wearing shoes!!!! YEAH!!!!)

In this pic, Donnie and Zach are next to a statue which Zach was intrigued by. I'm on a rock out by the water and out of reach to catch my boy in the event he were to fall in the water. One would think Donnie is close enough to catch him or better yet avoid the fall all together......but apparently that's crazy thinking on my part!!!! Just after I took this pic, Zach fell in the water!!!! Granted only one leg made it in and he probably stepped in the water verses fell in the water, but I think the fell in the water while his dad was inches away is a better story! :)

Here's Zach and I.....in the wind on a day I did NOT do my hair I might add! Almost didn't post the pic cuz of that, but I all the rest of the pics are with Donnie and Zach so thought I would put at least one with Zach and I together!

This was the neatest tree with the strangest roots sticking out that I have ever seen. Was a bit tricky for our little guy to get around, but he managed!

Hanging out by the water......thankfully staying a bit more dry this time!

Here's Zach and Donnie walking ahead of me......I love these pics of Donnie and Zach holding hands walking together! Won't be long before he won't let us hold his hand anymore when we walk with him.......

On our way out of the nature center we were nearly attacked by an enormous bird! LOOK OUT GUYS.......my goodness they have HUGE birds at the nature center......:)

After Kyle and Desiree made it to town, we went to lunch and then Zach took photos with his aunt and new uncle.....

Always fun to see them.......we only live a couple hours apart so should see them more often than we do. Looking forward to going to visit them in the new house they just bought. Kyle has been down to help us with our remodeling project so we will do the same for them in return! Although not sure when that will be!

Hopefully will get to post the pumpkin patch pics later this week. I'm going to need Donnie's assistance with the camera/computer attitude problem first though!

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melanie, aka Mo said...

It is ON like a CHICKEN BONE! Can't wait to meet you in Memphis and to show you the ropes. I am an old pro, you know?! Ha. Are the two runners members of a particular team?! If they want to be, tell them to join TEAMJAKE. Follow the link on my blog. They will get a tee and will have support signs EVERYWHERE!! melanie