Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zach's battle wound.....

Well Zach figured out how to do something new this past weekend......open the sliding screen door to the back patio! Unfortunately, he doesn't have the best judgement or depth perception and tumbled right out out the back door and down the cement step. He managed to only get one scrap, however it is smack dab in the middle of his forehead!!!!! He fell out the door and landed on his forehead, which scrapped it's way down to the next step. He didn't cry too hard and the scrap didn't look too bad initially. But as the day progressed the darker the scrap became. Doesn't seem to bother him too much, just looks like it should hurt!

He was NOT cooperative with my efforts to photograph the injury, thus you get the "action" photo of my efforts. The injury occured on Saturday and this pic is from Monday night....so it's had a couple days to scab over, however as you can tell from the photo he has torn the top of the scab off.

He came home from daycare Monday looking like this........nice bandaid buddy!!!! He apparently did the tearing of the scab at Miss Tarren's and this is the only bandaid she had that didn't have the sticky part of the bandaid on his scab! It looks a bit dramatic with that size of bandaid doesn't it?! I think he looks funny.....Donnie called him crash all evening with this bandaid on his head!

He doesn't seem to care too much about the fact that his entire forehead is covered with a bandaid!

Between this injury and the bumps he gets from falling or from fit throwing now, his poor head looks like a bumpy, scrapped bruise! I keep thinking that if he hits his head hard enough when throwing himself backwards in a fit that he will quit doing it......hasn't figured that out yet though! I know the wonderful world of tantrums has just begun and I for one am already tired of it!!!! I think I have a strong willed stubborn child on my hands......little does he know that he's got a mommy that will give him a run for his money! :)

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Faithful Froggers said...

OUCH! That looked painful - yet he is all smiles. :) Kids are amazing.

Thanks for sharing goodsearch with me - I will be sure to use it.