Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving Forward

Yesterday was an exciting day for us. We are finally completing the next step in Treyton's adoption. Yesterdaymorning Donnie and I had a meeting with SRS to complete paperwork necessary for Treyton's adoption. We signed an adoption placement agreement as well as a bunch of other stuff. Now the next step is getting the consent signed and the adoption packet over to our attorney! We are thinking court will be next week or the week after! YEAH!!!! We've been waiting a long time! Anyhow, below are pics of us signing our paperwork. Treyton also signed just for good measure!

Please pray the rest of the process goes smoothly and his adoption is done ASAP!!! We would really like to have him adopted before he turns 18 on September 13th!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mr. Dangerous

Our weekend was not that exciting. I had orginally planned on being in Colorado with my sister and some of our college roommates, but ended up not being able to go. Instead, I was at home following around our new daredevil. Now that Zach is mobile, he's gotten braver than he needs to be.

Here is Zach harassing our lab Bailey.

Autumn has a small chair about Zach's size which he has taken a liking to. It's more of a stunt tool for him than a chair though!

Notice in all the pictures the little tufts of hair sticking out. He finally has hair long enough that it curls! However, it only does so behind his ears and at the base of his head. Looks kind of like an old man that keeps that part of his hair long to make up for what he doesn't have on the rest of his head! :)
Any guesses on how soon we make our first trip to the ER for a broken limb or stiches?????

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Timer

This is my first time entering the blog world!!! I wanted to chronicle the adoption process of our children, plus I view other blogs and it just looks kindof fun! Hope to add pics of the family soon....all new to me. At this point I'm being tutored by my co-worker Michelle!