Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aren't we sportsy.....

We were quite the sportsy family Friday and Saturday. Friday night we went to the Bishop Carrol/North High Football game. Some former students of Donnie's play for BC, as well as some good friends of ours son. Justin goes to North and plays on the North High soccer team. So he and a friend came along to the game too. Poor Treyton was home sick. He's got a nasty cold or bad allergy attack going on. Then on Saturday, Donnie ran in a 5K race in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Justin's soccer game. I think 3 sporting events in less than 24 hours makes us sporty! I don't think the fact that I wasn't a participant is a factor at all in my sportsiness!
Here is Zach eating Cheetos and chearing with Kathy at the football game. We were at the game watching Kathy's son Nick. Donnie and Kathy have taught together for several years and Kathy's husband Tom was a groomsman in our wedding. Zach has spent lots of time with Aunt Kathy as she has watched him for us on several occasions.....including his first overnight trip away from home a few weeks ago!

Here is Zach cheering with Grammy. She is Kathy's mom. Kathy's parents, aka Grammy and Poppy have unofficially adopted themselves as Zach's grandparents. They just love him! They have bailed us out on more than one occasion and watched him for us before we had a babysitter secured. As well, when our babysitter has been out of town or had sick kids of her own they have changed their schedules to watch him. Grammy eventually had to remove all her photo buttons that have pics of her grandkids that are playing in the football game in them. Zach LOVED the buttons a bit too much so off they came! :)
If you look REALLY closely, you can see Poppy in this picture. His head is directly between the two guys who have green and yellow hats on. He's got on a green hat! That's Zach's Poppy! :)

Donnie ran in the race for the cure this morning. He made his goal of running under a 9 minute mile pace. He's training to run the St. Jude Half Marathon in December. So be looking to help support his efforts in the near future! :) Notice this picture is an after look and not a before and during look. Zach and mom didn't get up in time to go watch and cheer him on!

Zach did however let his nasty sweaty daddy hold him after he got home!
We went to a soccer game for Justin this afternoon, not exactly a good time of day as it was during naptime AND it was hot! Here Justin is sporting the team captain band on his arm!!!! The first time he's worn that so he was excited! He plays the sweeper position and played the whole game today. We won't discuss the score of the need to ruin the fact that he was captain today! :)
Hard to get very good up close action shots in the game of soccer in my opinion. Here's my attempt at a couple of them....He's the one in the all red shirt with the white head band. Jersey mix up re numbers so he had to let some other kid wear his jersey and he wore the getto one!

Dad and Zach took a walk to kill some time. I think they are sooooo cute standing out there together. Zach is so tiny next to his tall daddy!

Towards the end of the game we were getting very hot, so we moved away from the stands and really everyone in order to sit under the one lone shade tree on the whole property! Zach resorted to picking grass.....and Trey was able to get the chair to work more as a lounge! Donnie ran around and was the unofficial ballboy, as well as the unofficial official. Meaning he felt it necessary to tell the young line judge that she wasn't calling offsides and then every time he thought they were offsides he would holler! :)

Our cute little nature boy.......

Trey's lounge area.....Trey doesn't always go to the games, but was happy he did today cuz he found $20 in the grass in the parking lot. Nobody was around so he happily pocketed the money! After the game when we got home he quickly left to go spend his "hard earned" cash.
Ball boy......with the actual official in the backgroud!

So that's been our weekend so far. We are going later today over to our friend's Mike and Sheri's to help them wiyh getting ready to put in new sod grass and finish putting in a new deck. And by we I mean Donnie and the boys (at least the big boys). Zach and I will probably plan with their 5 kids instead!
Have a good

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 of my favorite things.....and one surprise

Two of my favorite things happened this evening, which of course if very blog worthy! I have waited months upon months for this first favorite thing. The show of all shows has made it back! Finally! I don't have many shows that I must see. Now there are a few that I watch, but I'm not obsessive about them. I must say the show of all shows is.........SURVIVOR!!!!!!

Despite having to holler at the TV on a couple of occasions as some of the players are not that smart, it was a good night of television! I could do without all the snake shots...what's that about anyway???? It puts a slight damper on a great show if you ask me!
Now, the second favorite thing of the night......

Some of you might be asking what exactly that is a picture of. No it's not a baby magazine....although I do enjoy that too it's just not a favorite. What that is, is a picture of is a folded chip!!!! OMG I absolutely LOVE a good folded chip. They are just delish.....they are so crunchy! Way more crunchy than a none folded chip ever thought about being in my opinion.

And what's better than a really good folded chip?????

Why that would be a WHOLE bag of folded chips!!!!!! I go on and on at work about how much I LOVE folded chips. They are soooo much better than just a regular chip! So my co-worker Michelle decided to save all the folded chips from her bag of chips for this very special night.....premiere of SURVIVOR!!!! Soooo, here I am in heaven with 2 of my favorite things! Bag o folded chips AND Survivor all at once!!!! Life is good! :)

Now for surprise I got when I got home......

Someone came home from daycare with some extra body art......apparently Zach decided it was ok to get his 1st tattoo! He didn't even call for permission! Tsk, tsk! And he picked out a very scary and bold tattoo....a panda!

And this is the attitude that came along with mr. tattoo tonight.....

Mr. Cranky this evening! I'm blaming it on the tattoo.......although it could be cuz he's teething, having allergy issues and didn't nap much today, but doubt it cuz tattoo's bring attitude! Maybe Zach didn't realize you have to be at LEAST 18 before one is able to get a tattoo around here. Once Treyton finds out Zach beat him by 17 years with getting his 1st tattoo he's going to fuss and whine big time! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ZACHY'S 1!!!!!!!!!

Can you even believe that Zach is 1!!!! I sure can't. I was telling my friend Sheri that to me he's only 9 months old since we didn't get him until he was 3 months old. We will go ahead and celebrate though cuz who wouldn't want to celebrate 9 great months with this little guy! We love him sooooo much and are trying to patiently await our court date to make it all "legal." Which I might add we are being told will be in November!!!!! Start praying now!

I decided to photograph Zach's day as a 1 year least the part of it! He did have to go to daycare for a bit while I worked in the morning. But he had a party there so I'm sure he didn't mind!

Here's what my precious 1 year old looks like sleeping just before it's time to get up to start his first day as a 1 year old!!!! Sweet boy isn't he! :)

Just getting up and getting ready to get dressed. Zach has always done this put his arms above his head thing when we change him. I put a pic below him that is from the 1st night we had him (Dec 19th) where he has almost the exact same pose only with much more enthusiasm! This pic must just characterize the "attitude" of a 1 year old versus the attitude of a 3 month old! Or it could be that he was awake for a whole 30 seconds before I snapped this picture! :)

Trying to wake up along with bubba Harley Tanner and amuse his mother by letting me take his picture....again!

What a 1 year old looks like going to daycare......while still being a bit sleepy I might add! I don't think he's excited about my lets photograph the entire day of Zach being 1 game! :)

I tried all day to get a good pic of Zach in his bday outfit from the bday fairy. Finally got one when he was standing still long enough to eat his shoe sting. Notice he's not wearing shoes.....these are a size 3 and are too big! Haven't been able to find size 2 shoes that aren't soft soled so he can walk in them. And yes for those that can notice, that is my 12 month old who is wearing size 6-9 month clothing!

Zach has the best babysitter we could find! Miss Tarren had a party for Zach and he got a set of leap frog maraca's (hope that's spelled friend Barb has me in a panic about spelling and I'll probably get an email later pointing out all my spelling and grammer errors!) Anyhow....Miss Tarren was actually a former student of Donnie's! Kindof a funny connection! She takes great care of Zach and it was very sweet for her to have a party for him! Thanks Miss Tarren! I should've taken a pic of dropping him looking for that to come in the future! Tarren will love that! :)

Pic with Grandma Nancy......she doesn't get on the internet too much so I think I'm "safe" to put this on here. She'd probably fuss cuz it's an "action" photo and she wasn't ready! :)

I love this pic of how he's sitting. Looks like he's getting excited about opening his gift. Not really though cuz he never really got the hang of that. He was excited about the bag and soon after this pic was taken he started trying to eat the bag and handle!
He loves his new piano from Grandma Nancy.....he may be a musician later in life as he loves any musical instrument at this point. That would make his Great Grandpa Johnston proud (he was a band teacher.....mine in fact!)

He got a fun leap frog music table....he very much enjoys this toy! Has soooo many things to do it's hard to pick!

Zach got several new toys and this is what I find him playing with!!!! Why did we even buy gifts??? :)

On to the best part of the festivities......CAKE! Although Zach and Donnie may argue that ice cream is the best part....but they aren't the ones with the blog now are they so they don't get to pick! :)
Gotta love that face.....

He's very much into the do it myself phase of life!

No caption needed....speaks for itself.....

The birthday fairy did visit.....a little late, but she did at least visit. She was a bit too tired to get up early Friday morning, so visited on Saturday! Poor Zach doesn't really have his own bedroom yet, so we used the door to the new bedroom we are building in the basement. As you can tell from the floor, the door and the background it is still a work in progress. Think he'll be traumatized later to learn he didn't have his "own" door for the birthday fairy to decorate???

Ok, apparently 1 year olds are not aware streamers are NOT for eating.....not the greatest pic of him, but shows his blue stains leftover from his streamer snack! (I have absolutely no idea why this is all of sudden blue and underlined!)

Sooooo, there is the events of the day of Zach being 1!!!!! He's getting so big so fast! Before you know it all be doing his 18th bday post just like I did for Treyton. Although he's not growing quite as fast as Treyton did! :) Now that I don't have an infant anymore......maybe it's time to add another to our family!!!! Let's see how long it takes Donnie to holler about that! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miss Shalonna

This last weekend, we went up to Wesley Hospital to visit one of my favorite people....Miss Shalonna! Many of you know that every summer (at least for the last 13 summers) I volunteer for a week at Camp Hope. Camp Hope is a camp for kids who have or have had cancer. I must say it is one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. Anyone who knows Shalonna knows she would agree with me all the way about that! Shalonna's been under the weather lately so I had my master quilter mother make her a quilt that says Camp Hope on it. Thought she could use it when she travels every week from home to Wichita. So here is our visit with Shalonna....

Shalonna LOVES babies and Zach was no exception. She held him at camp this last summer and he was quite smitten with her then. She was a bit upset with him as he has more stranger anxiety now and wasn't so sure about letting her hold him.

Here's a couple of pics of us with the quilt my mom made. Shalonna was more into playing with Zach than posing for a pic with me and the quilt! :)

Decided to add a few more random things to this post as well.......

Zach is walking!!!!!! All over the place I might add! I was trying to get him to wait and let me take a pic of him and he would get soooo excited and started laughing and chasing me down! He was a riot! I can't believe he's walking already....doesn't seem like he should be this old yet!

Ending today's post with a random pic of Treyton! He was cold at my office so borrowed my jacket! It was a little small for him but he wore it most of the day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Treyton!!!!!

Treyton turned 18 today!!!!! Hard to believe that a child I gave birth to just 3 days ago is already 18! :) My how time flies.....anyone seen the movie Jack with Robin Williams in it? I'm thinking we have that storyline beat!

The day started with a visit from the birthday fairy! As does every birthday at our house. The birthday fairy is a tradition I stole from my friend Sheri. The birthday fairy shows up at some point during the night and decorates the door of birthday person with balloons and streamers.....and leaves a birthday outfit to wear for the day.

Picture of the 18 year old Treyton and reminants of the birthday fairy decorations!

The outfit from the birthday fairy......quite handsome isn't he! (Disregard the kitchen counter, open cabinet and Zach's attempt to "help" by emptying the my defense the "stuff" on the counter belongs under the sink, but my husband emptied it to "work" under there!)

Probably Treyton's favorite birthday gift of the day. He's obsessed with the show Smallville and he got season 5 which he didn't have yet. If you look closely, he kindof looks like the guy that stars in Smallville....Treyton just needs to part his hair a little different and I think he could pull it off! :)

The birthday cake! Of course made by me this morning!

Zachy enjoying Treyton's cake! the next group of photos, you will see that I clearly lost my mind today! Treyton came to us a few weeks ago with a request for his birthday. Check out the first photo to see if you can guess what the request was......

Any guesses???????? I embarrassed him by photographing the event as I don't think that happens often in these places.

Ok...he and his sister wanted to get a given that I made that horrible decision for myself years ago I figured I couldn't really say no! That's one of the decisions I hugely regret to this many people my age do you think have a tatoo of curious george on them???? Not many I would guess!
Here he is getting ready......he's a bit nervous it's going to be painful!

Action photos of the front view and back view:

And the final's the chinese symbol for family.
And of course here is his sidekick that got the same tatoo on her shoulder blade.
So there was Treyton's first day as an adult! We had Donnie's mom and sister over for dinner. Autumn came home from Emporia and brought a friend along with her for the festivities. I think he enjoyed himself for the most part......other than being a bit sore! Sadly, I can relate to what he is feeling....although I don't really remember it as that was a long time ago. If only I would've thought that one out a bit better..........