Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HE'S OURS!!!!!!!!!

Zach is officially ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zach's adoption was finalized yesterday. We've been waiting for this moment since December 19, 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So on February 17th, Donnie and I legally became the parents of Zachary Dylan! We are thrilled beyond belief with our newest (but not so new since he's been here a while!) addition to our family. We've been praying about this since we got him. It was very hard not to get frustrated when delays happened with the court system and this whole experience has taught me a good lesson about trusting things will happen in God's time and not mine.

Here's a glimpse of our happy we are taking our seats as we wait for things to get started! Treyton, Donnie's parents, my friend Sheri, our social worker and Zach's social worker joined us for the special occasion. Unfortunately Autumn had class and couldn't make the trip to Wichita. My parents also were unable to attend as my mom had hip replacement surgery about a week and a half ago so she was not up for traveling....but they were here in spirit!

Sitting with the judge as he signs our adoption paperwork. This is a new judge in juvenile court and ours was his second adoption ever! The first one he did was 5 minutes before ours.

A close-up of the actual signing. This is the signature we have been waiting on for what seems like forever......

The official adoption photo with the judge.....

Here we are with our attorney....he was our attorney with Autumn and Treyton's adoption too. Good guy....he asked when the next one will be. Guess only time will tell! :)

After court, Donnie and Zach posed with Donnie's mom and dad......

After court, Treyton and Donnie's parents joined us for breakfast. After breakfast we changed clothes and Donnie, Zach and I were off to the zoo for some hang out time! It was the perfect day. It was a little over cast and there were only about 10-15 vehicles in the parking lot so most of the time it was just us at an exhibit. The animals were also pretty active so made it more fun than normal. Zach was way in to looking at everything. He would get right up to the glass and smash his face against it....I'm guessing he wanted the closest view he could get! I thought it was adorable. Here's a few pics from our day......

I think Zach's favorite thing of the day was the playground. He loves going down slides. This one went pretty quick and he squealed the whole way down!

The rest of the afternoon went as well as the morning. Consisted of naps and playing in dirt....sounds fun doesn't it! We are just so happy and are looking forward to watching our little guy grow up! Thanks for following our journey and praying for us along the way!

Off to peek at my little guy sleeping......Zach's mommy! :)

Happy Late Valentines Day!

I know we are a couple of days behind the times....but never too late for Zachy to wish everyone a late happy valentines day!

Is this boy precious or what? Gotta love that smile and crazy hair! In his defense, there is a bit of a shadow that makes his hair look a bit more out of control than it is, however it is quickly approaching that state! It's nearing time for his first haircut....we'll be calling Grandma Donna so get those scissors ready....although I've heard horror stories from some of your other think trim and not cut! :)

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! We can you not with this cute little guy!