Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What happened while I was away.....

Well I'm back from camp and I survived my week away from my boys....all 5 of them! :) Donnie brought all the boys out to visit me mid-week which helped me get through the week! I had a great time at camp, but missed everyone at home terribly! Donnie was very brave and took a 5 hour road trip with the boys to go visit his brother and his family in Texas for a few days. He took some fun pics which I thought I would share. Both of the little boys changed so much while I was gone, see for yourself......

Taylor looks like a different baby to me since I got home! His face has filled out so much since I left and I think he looks so much like Zach's baby pictures now that he has a little meat on him! Here's a couple pics Donnie took while they were in Texas last week......

Zach appearantly grew up enough in my absence to become a swimmer!!!!! Donnie told me on the phone he was a maniac in the pool, but the pictures give a much more terrifying image for this mommy!

He started at the edge of the hot tub and became quite the dare devil in my opinion......

After gaining a little confidence he moved on to bigger challenges...THE BIG DIVING BOARD!!!!! I love his jumping action, but glad I wasn't there to witness it as I would've had a heart attack!

Ummmmm, where's my boy Donnie??????

Zach apparently loved it and is climbing out to head back to the board for some more....

So both grew up in my absence! One I'm so sad I missed as he looks so big to me, the other I'm pretty sure it was better I was absent as he wouldn't have gotten to have near as much fun if his mommy would've been there! :)

To see a few more pics of the boys, click on my sister's blog on my sidebar (Cummings Chronicle's). She has some pics from when we were at my parent's house over Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Ok....having computer issues tonight that will NOT allow me to upload pics! What a post with no pics? I know, upsets me too! I had planned to put pics on here of the 2 little boys that we had taken at Portrait Innovations when Taylor was 2 weeks old. Hard for me to believe that was a month ago....yep, he's 6 weeks old today!

Donnie and the 4 boys headed to Texas today to visit his brother's family. I am headed to Camp Hope tomorrow and will be gone for a whole week! Donnie will return home Sunday evening and will have a week of being a single father! He did great last year with Zach, but I'm a little nervous for him during the nighttime hours with little guys that both get up during the night! I cried uncontrollably when they left today. Donnie thinks it was cuz I think he can't handle parenting 4 boys without me. I just know my babies will change so much in the next week and I will miss them terribly! Taylor just smiled at me for the first time a couple nights ago. I'm not going to see that for a week!

So what is this Camp Hope that I'm going to that is taking me away from my boys? It's one of the greatest things I have ever done. Camp Hope is a camp for children who have or have had cancer. I started volunteering the summer I turned 21 years old. WOW that's a long time ago! This is my 14th summer for camp!!! I am now on the planning committee that works all year long planning every little detail of camp. I love the kids, love the volunteers, and love the experience....thus I'm going to be away from my babies for a whole week to go spend time with my camp family which I have become so very close to. Typically, I come home from camp very tired. I'm thinking that solid hours of sleep in a row regardless of the uncomfortable cot may be more restful to me this year than in years past. I won't know what to do not getting up every 3-4 hours to feed someone!

Maybe Donnie will be able to get pics loaded while I'm out. Although then I would have to give him my blog login and password. Hmmmmmm, we'll see! :)

Well, I'm getting picked up in the morning at 8:15 and I haven't finished packing.....gotta run! Dannon