Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. We celebrated with Donnie's family. Donnie's mom is the youngest of 15 children, thus it is quite the gathering! We gathered at his aunt's house and everyone brings plenty to eat! Autumn was able to be home for just the day. With her job, she wasn't able to stay any longer as she had to work early the next morning for all the crazy early morning shoppers! After stuffing ourselves, we play a highly competative and skilled football game. Donnie and I were on opposite teams and he was less than sportsman-like at times! :) Justin, Autumn and I were all on the same team. I won't say who won as that's not important! :)

The kids then played a physical game of spoons. There was some wrestle mania going on with that game. I don't think Treyton ever won but did come away with some battle scars! His cousins don't mess around when it comes to playing spoons! I was good to see everyone.....including you Lisa! :)

On Friday morning....I got up early and went shopping amongst the crazy crowds with my friend Sheri. I've only gone one other time about 4 years ago and that wasn't for very long. I came prepared this year with lists for specific stores, coupons, etc. Sheri laughed at me when I got in the car and I think was a bit embarrassed when I brought my notebook into every store! I did end up getting the big ticket item I was after so I guess it was all worth it!

After shopping we went to the Christmas Tree farm with Sheri's family. We went along for the experience and to purchase ornaments from the gift shop. Since Treyton had to work, we decided not to cut down our tree just yet. We will head back out once he is able to join us. Didn't get a tree but got some fun photos from the day though........

Zachy got to wear his new heavy coat and hat! How adorable is my boy.......

He also got to ride a train w/ mom......that's popcorn in his mouth! You can't ride the train without a snack! Those other two hands in the popcorn bag belong to Addie and Bradley. Zach is giving them a cautious look about getting into his snack!

Zach loved the horses that pulled the hayrack rides. I was surprised he wasn't scared of them but he was way in to giving them loves!

They had a playground area with a playhouse. I love this pic of Bradley. He was in the loft hollering down at me. He looks so innocent in this picture doesn't he?!

Tried to get some pics of everyone on Santa's sleigh before he arrived. Sheri's kids are hard to get to all look at the camera at the same time! Here's our attempts.....(Aiden's not in the pic as he was napping).

Here is our crew.....notice the one in the photo who decided NOT to wear a coat despite the chace for snow! One would think he would've learned his lesson from the pumpkin patch trip when he froze to death there! Guess not! He was of course freezing the whole time we were there!
Zach met Santa! Last year he was just a baby so wasn't scared of him. I was certain he would cry and we would have a hard time getting a picture of him. He surprised me and just sat there staring at Santa with a perplexed look on his face. Anyhow...I think it's a cute picture of them!

The remainder of the weekend was spent shopping and working around the house. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but only work 4 days this week as Donnie and I are headed to Memphis where he will be runnin in the St. Jude Marathon (he's running the half). If anyone is interested in sponsoring him, you can! He's out running now so when he gets home, I'll have him help me post the link on here for anyone who wants to donate.
Hope everyone had a blessed holiday weekend!


Michelle said...

Cute pics! LOVE that brown coat on Zach. Cute!

travflew said...

Wow, your family didn't mess around waiting to see Santa! It looks like you all had a lot of fun.