Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch.....Part 2

There were so many pics from the pumpkin patch, that it was hard to pick what to put in! But there are other things to post about so I had to limit it to just a few. Ok, I had a hard time picking just a few so be patient with me!

The playground area had all kinds of fun things to do. There were several playgrounds stationed in different areas. They had neat forts w/ slides, bag swings, regular playground equipment, etc, etc, etc. Our kids would've been happy to stay here for most of the day I think! We had a hard time pulling them away to go do all the other things.

Donnie "helped" Zeke climb up the fort ladder and then down to where the slide was. Donnie actually managed to then squeeze himself down this tiny tube slide! I had helped Zeke the time before this and I made all the kids get off the ladder so I could climb back down as I didn't want to risk ruining the pumpkin patch trip by getting stuck in the tube! :)

Here are some random pics on the hayrack ride out to the actual pumpkin patch. You'll be able to tell it was a bit windy and chilly. Derek, Sheri's grown son, is in the blue jacket next to her husband Mike. Sheri is holding Aiden and Alleyah is next to Sheri.

Treyton in the hoodie, Sylvia, Addie and Bradley......

Did I mention it was chilly on the day we went to the pumpkin patch???? Ask Treyton how he feels about the trip? :)
I love this picture of the twins. I can only imagine what they are thinking!

Here we are out picking pumpkins. We found one for Zach that "matched" his look. It has a little scab up where the forehead would be just like Zach! :)

Sylvia found 2 pumpkins.....

Even Zeke carried his own such concentration!

Isn't he cute......

Justin found a river that was next to the patch. The water was evidently high at some point and drug several vines into the ravine and water. Justin of course HAD to pick a pumpkin from the water as it is much to easy to pick it from the patch!

Here's the last photo of the day from the pumpkin patch......Zach was ready to go at this point, thus the serious look he's got going on! I don't think we were 2 miles down the road before he was crashed out! Actually our entire carload crashed. I took pics of that too, but they are a little blurry so didn't put them on here.

I feel much better now that I have the pumpkin patch posts out of the way! I had a ton more pics to pick from, but these were a "few" of my favs! :)

For those of you that have been praying for Jeremiah I'll give a little update. He was in PICU from Tuesday to Friday. They are still not sure what is causing his symptoms, but they are running tests on his kidneys and adrenal gland. For whatever reason, when he drinks fluids his sodium levels drop to a dangerous level which they feel caused him to have the seizures. They are limiting his fluids til they figure it all out and its about to kill Jeremiah. He LOVES to drink and is thirsty all the time. They have thought for some time he has a form of diabetes that effects just the kidneys....but they are questioning that now too! Soooo, still don't know what's wrong so please keep him lifted in your prayers! Jeremiah was thrilled to be going home and the other kids were so excited for he and Sheri to return home too!


Anonymous said...

The pumpkin patch adventure looks like a lot of fun. Too Shy to Stop writer Natasha Hochlowski just wrote a piece about the evolution of playgrounds. You can read the full article here.

Monica said...

Such fun pics...way to go, mom!! I looked at the library and they don't have the book (Fresh Start Cworkbook) you were telling me about. It's on Amazon so I'mthinking about getting it. Any chance you could just fax the laminated guide thing to my hubby's office? I'd be curious to look at that. The number is 721-4547

Little Gemma just isn't the best eater in the world. I can't figure if it's teething, or if she just has a small appetite or what. She loves her oatmeal in the morning. Does well with fruit most of the time, seems to do all right with chicken and carrots, but lunch and dinner are often tough. And the only finger food she's eating is cheerios. Those kiddos, they keep you guessing. She still nurses well though, and seems to be healthy, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

And thanx for the update on Jeremiah. Poor little guy. :-(

Monica said...

Thanks! No hurry, just whenever. I appreciate you doing that. I'll tell Aaron to look for it.

Funny about the formula. Yeah, I don't think Gemma will be in any hurry to quit nursing once she hits a year. And I'm good with that. We'll introduce cow's milk then though, and just see how it goes. Glad to hear that Gemma's not the only one with funny eating habits and that you think the teeth have an impact. She has just gotten teeth numbers 3 and 4, and I think most kids have more teeth at this age, so maybe she just has a whole bunch coming in at once. Who knows, like I said, they keep ya guessing!!

Is Zach sleeping thru the night? Gemma still isn't. It used to bug me a lot, but I've made peace with it and we take it a night at a time. She goes to bed great, has a regular routine, is a wonderful napper...but she slept for longer stretches at night when she was 3 months old than she does now. Not sure what to make of that, and we're not fans of just letting her cry it out. SO..... Just curious about Zachy, I always like talking to other parents and hearing how things are with them!!

Thanks! Maybe I should get your email so we don't have to comment on random posts when we converse back and forth. Mine is

By the way, do you have Facebook? If not, you should get it. And convince Donnie too also. It's tons of fun!

Michelle said...

I'm tired just reading the blog! Did anyone ask if you were running a day care? Dang that's a lot of kids. Soo cute! I hadn't seen pictures of Alexis in years! All of Sheri's kids are getting so big!

nlhochlowski said...


Natasha's article has been removed; could you possibly republish it?

-Geoffrey Purdum