Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged again!

Hey there.....made it back from my trip to Chicago. We had a great time, but it was a long time to be away from home. The train ride was a bit interesting and if I had to ride the train again for 12 hours there is absolutely no way I would do it without being in a sleeper car! We called the online number 3 hours in to our trip to see how much the upgrade would cost us and unfortunately is was like $400 so we decided to tough it out! Our stewardess (if that's what you call them) was a bit cranky and even hit all 3 of us at separate times with a travel pillow. Her people skills were definately lacking! We were bummed out when we were loading up to come home and she was standing there taking tickets. Michelle tried to snap a picture of her so we could have it for memory but she wasn't cooperative and we didn't want to be obvious! Chicago was beautiful and it lightly snowed our last 2 days there. They were starting to decorate for Christmas there, so with the snow, decorations and Christmas music playing it totally felt like we should be celebrating Christmas instead of Thanksgiving! Anyhow......had a good time, learned some new stuff at the conference and thankfully Donnie didn't lose any of the children while I was gone! :) No really, he did great! I have to say that or he'll never let me go out of town again! :)

Now on to what I planned to blog about. My friend Monica "tagged" me cuz I tagged her last time. The topic this time is about my relationship with my husband.....YIKES! Not sure I want to write about that for all to see! :)
Thought since the topic was on my husband, I should share some pics of us first. These first 3 are some of our engagement pics from a couple years ago. This first one is the pic we sent out in in our wedding invites.....
Awwww, isn't this one sweet........speaks for itself don't ya think! :)
I like this one was VERY hard to pic the picture we wanted to send out with our wedding invites as so many of them were good.
This pic is from the Christmas tree farm like 3 years ago or so......

I don't know why I like this picture, but I do! We were over at my friend Sheri's house carving pumpkins. That's my sweet nephew Bradley that you all met a couple posts ago from the pumpkin patch pics. He looks so little in this picture! now on to the content of the tag.....gosh it has taken me a while to get to that hasn't it! :)

Husband's name: Donald Robert (I call him Donnie though cuz my dad's name is Donald and that's just a bit too weird for me!)

How long married: We celebrated our second anniversary in September! We had originally planned to get married in November 2006, but my little brother received orders to go to Iraq and I really wanted him at my wedding. Thankfully there was still 1 weekend available that worked for the church and our reception hall that was in September just a week before he was shipped out!

How long we dated: Depends on who you ask! Our first date was April 10, 2004. However we broke up later that year for about a year. Then thankfully we got back together and have been together ever since! I refer to that year we weren't together as "the break." I don't know that Donnie sees the humor in it! After "the break" we dated 7 months before getting engaged. Our engagement was then 8 months. So you do whatever math you want to decide how long we dated! :)

How old is he: Donnie is 36....cradle robber! He's a whole 2 years older than me! (We just had a "discussion" on how old he is as I had put 35 on here and had to be corrected! Good thing I had to do this tag as I could've gone around confused about his age for who knows how long!)

Taller: Most definately Donnie! As you can tell by the pics I posted, it's not even a contest! I don't think I would be taller even if I stood on a box or something!

Who can sing the best: Again, depends on who you ask! :) I think I do but that would pertain only to when I sing in the car or at home! Donnie has sung on the praise and worship team at church for 12 I'm guessing since I'm not that would make him the better singer! :) He has had to take a couple months off from singing as he has this weird throaty thing going on. So maybe I'm the better singer right now....but that's a REALLY big maybe! :)

Smarter: Geez......this is probably another depends on who you ask! Probably depends on the topic. Donnie's a teacher so he knows lots of middle school stuff.....he teaches math and science so obviously is better in those areas. It kills him though cuz I can beat him at Soduko puzzles and that's math related! :) He is also into weather and such so knows lots about that. I'm a therapist and a mom, so know more than he does about feelings and stuff with the kids. I think we both have pretty good common sense so I would say we tie about that.

Laundry: Used to be mainly me, but with Donnie being a teacher he is home over the summer and started doing more of the laundry then. We both do the laundry now. Whoever is home first switches out the load. We disagree on what temp to wash clothes in, so whoever is doing laundry gets to pick! He doesn't like the way I hang his work pants, thus I try to avoid folding that particular load whenever possible.

Paying bills: Definatley Donnie! I hated doing that when I was single and couldn't wait to hand that over to him once we got married! We make big financial decisions together and I know what accts we have, where our financial spreadsheet is and all that. I just don't have to be the one responsible for getting stuff where it needs to be on time!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. Why? Cuz that's where I slept before we got married! After we first got married I tried to sleep on the left side and just couldn't so I managed to "talk" Donnie into switching! :)

Mows the lawn: All Donnie there! He prides himself in his mowing and I think he actually likes it! He started mowing my lawn when we were dating before "the break" and continued to mow it after we broke up for a while. Then I had to take that task back over for a while when he quit showing up to do it! :) Thankfully I had teenagers at the house who could also mow. I grew up mowing a HUGE amount of grass as we lived on a farm and had to mow all over the dang place. So I think I have mowed my fair share in life!

Cooks dinner: Definately me! When we were dating, Donnie would cook 1 night a week. That hasn't happened since we got married! Now that we have Zach, Donnie has to cook something on Tues/Thurs for him as I am not home from work until after dinnertime.

Who's the first to admit they are wrong: This also probably depends on who you ask! He would say that he is and I would say I admit when I am wrong but it happens so rarely that I don't have to do it very often! :) Just kidding! I'm much better at admitting I'm wrong about little things than I am about bigger things. Donnie will admit when he is wrong when I tell him he needs too! :)

Who kissed first: Our first kiss was actually interrupted! It was interesting to date with kids in the home. I was already a foster parent when I met Donnie, so always had kids around! Donnie and I were out in the driveway saying goodnight when both the girls I had living with me at the time caught us! Dang motion sensor light!

Who wears the pants: Geez......I hesitate to answer cuz I know Donnie's going to read this blog! I would say we are equals, however there are certain things that we each trump each other on. Usually not anything big though. If it's about the kids, then I usually decide on stuff unless it's discipline issues with our big kids....then we do that together. If it's household decisions we make those together too. Donnie makes basic financial decisions unless it's something major. So I guess no one wears the pants......that's of course not literally! :)

So that's the end of the tag! Gosh that was long and you now know a lot more info about my husband and I! So now I get to tag someone else. I'm going to tag my friend Audra, my coworker Michelle and Donnie's coworker Michelle! Have fun girls!


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