Sunday, September 21, 2008

ZACHY'S 1!!!!!!!!!

Can you even believe that Zach is 1!!!! I sure can't. I was telling my friend Sheri that to me he's only 9 months old since we didn't get him until he was 3 months old. We will go ahead and celebrate though cuz who wouldn't want to celebrate 9 great months with this little guy! We love him sooooo much and are trying to patiently await our court date to make it all "legal." Which I might add we are being told will be in November!!!!! Start praying now!

I decided to photograph Zach's day as a 1 year least the part of it! He did have to go to daycare for a bit while I worked in the morning. But he had a party there so I'm sure he didn't mind!

Here's what my precious 1 year old looks like sleeping just before it's time to get up to start his first day as a 1 year old!!!! Sweet boy isn't he! :)

Just getting up and getting ready to get dressed. Zach has always done this put his arms above his head thing when we change him. I put a pic below him that is from the 1st night we had him (Dec 19th) where he has almost the exact same pose only with much more enthusiasm! This pic must just characterize the "attitude" of a 1 year old versus the attitude of a 3 month old! Or it could be that he was awake for a whole 30 seconds before I snapped this picture! :)

Trying to wake up along with bubba Harley Tanner and amuse his mother by letting me take his picture....again!

What a 1 year old looks like going to daycare......while still being a bit sleepy I might add! I don't think he's excited about my lets photograph the entire day of Zach being 1 game! :)

I tried all day to get a good pic of Zach in his bday outfit from the bday fairy. Finally got one when he was standing still long enough to eat his shoe sting. Notice he's not wearing shoes.....these are a size 3 and are too big! Haven't been able to find size 2 shoes that aren't soft soled so he can walk in them. And yes for those that can notice, that is my 12 month old who is wearing size 6-9 month clothing!

Zach has the best babysitter we could find! Miss Tarren had a party for Zach and he got a set of leap frog maraca's (hope that's spelled friend Barb has me in a panic about spelling and I'll probably get an email later pointing out all my spelling and grammer errors!) Anyhow....Miss Tarren was actually a former student of Donnie's! Kindof a funny connection! She takes great care of Zach and it was very sweet for her to have a party for him! Thanks Miss Tarren! I should've taken a pic of dropping him looking for that to come in the future! Tarren will love that! :)

Pic with Grandma Nancy......she doesn't get on the internet too much so I think I'm "safe" to put this on here. She'd probably fuss cuz it's an "action" photo and she wasn't ready! :)

I love this pic of how he's sitting. Looks like he's getting excited about opening his gift. Not really though cuz he never really got the hang of that. He was excited about the bag and soon after this pic was taken he started trying to eat the bag and handle!
He loves his new piano from Grandma Nancy.....he may be a musician later in life as he loves any musical instrument at this point. That would make his Great Grandpa Johnston proud (he was a band teacher.....mine in fact!)

He got a fun leap frog music table....he very much enjoys this toy! Has soooo many things to do it's hard to pick!

Zach got several new toys and this is what I find him playing with!!!! Why did we even buy gifts??? :)

On to the best part of the festivities......CAKE! Although Zach and Donnie may argue that ice cream is the best part....but they aren't the ones with the blog now are they so they don't get to pick! :)
Gotta love that face.....

He's very much into the do it myself phase of life!

No caption needed....speaks for itself.....

The birthday fairy did visit.....a little late, but she did at least visit. She was a bit too tired to get up early Friday morning, so visited on Saturday! Poor Zach doesn't really have his own bedroom yet, so we used the door to the new bedroom we are building in the basement. As you can tell from the floor, the door and the background it is still a work in progress. Think he'll be traumatized later to learn he didn't have his "own" door for the birthday fairy to decorate???

Ok, apparently 1 year olds are not aware streamers are NOT for eating.....not the greatest pic of him, but shows his blue stains leftover from his streamer snack! (I have absolutely no idea why this is all of sudden blue and underlined!)

Sooooo, there is the events of the day of Zach being 1!!!!! He's getting so big so fast! Before you know it all be doing his 18th bday post just like I did for Treyton. Although he's not growing quite as fast as Treyton did! :) Now that I don't have an infant anymore......maybe it's time to add another to our family!!!! Let's see how long it takes Donnie to holler about that! :)

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Janelle said...

Sorry I missed you during my visit to Kansas. Crazy time with my brother's wedding. OK, your little boy is soooo cute. But what exactly is the "birthday fairy"?!?!?