Sunday, September 7, 2008


Donnie and I went to Lindsborg on Friday night to celebrate our 2nd anniversary a bit early. Our anniversary isn't actually until Tuesday next week, but given our busy weekly schedule we decide to have fun early! We went to a lovely bed and breakfast.....The Roseberg House. We were the only ones there, thus had the run of the house! We snuck around in the evening and scoped out all the other rooms. I was a nervous wreck and tried to pretend to be looking at things in the hallway while Donnie went in the rooms. But I eventually joined him cuz I wanted to see what our other options were should we go back. We loved our room....The Lincoln Room.....and would probably have a hard time staying in the other rooms. Our bed was to die for!!!!!

The Roseberg House

This was the window the the Lincoln Room.....looks nice doesn't it! :)

We ran around town doing fun things after we checked in. Went to a nice dinner and then took a leasurely stroll afterwards. Found this fun old time phone booth to play in.....

Lindsborg is known as Little Sweden and it has all these Swedish horse statues all over the place. I forced Donnie to pose with one. He was less than pleased about it. I told him it was for my blog and he this what our life is coming to, having to pose all the time for your blog photos! Not very supportive if you ask me! :) He was a good sport about it though and by the end of our trip he had a few suggestions for blog photos!

I of course wanted to sit on my horse and it wasn't until after I sat on the first on that I saw a sign posted that said to PLEASE STAY OFF! This first horse I sat on Donnie thought looked a bit rough and scary thus suggested I pick another one to blog about!

So this is horse #2....much sweeter than the first. I was nervous to sit on it and kept telling him to hurry cuz there were cars driving around and I didn't want to offend the Swedes! :)

We finished up our night away from the kids (which I might add was the first night Zach has slept away from home without one of us) the next day by volunteering at the State Fair in an ice cream parlor. Every summer, I volunteer for Camp Hope which is a camp for kids who have or have had cancer. Anyhow, the ice cream parlor is run by the AMBUCS of Hutchinson and they give a percentage of their proceeds from the parlor to our camp. So my husband and I worked for 4 hours on Saturday at the booth. I may have photos of our work in action if my co-worker will give them to me. She stopped by the booth just to taunt us! :)

Anyhow....had a good time celebrating and spending some time by ourselves. Doesn't happen much anymore with all our kids!

Ending the post with a couple of pics of our adorable boy.....

He got some new fall pj's which I think he looks adorable in! This pj is a bit on the dangerous side as it has sharks on it.....and those of you who know me are aware of my severe fear of sharks!
He looks a bit serious in this picture, but the pjs and his daddy look cute so I added it in! These are also new pjs and they glow in the dark! I didn't know that until he wore them the first time....kindof freaked me out when I put him to bed!
I can't get the spacing to work again so this pic is not where I put it when I typed my post. GRRR...computers! (Sorry Barb)
Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have a big 2 weeks ahead of us. Tuesday is our anniversary, Wednesday is our court date for Autumn and Treyton's adoption, Saturday Treyton turns 18 and the following Friday Zachy turns 1!!!!! That's alot of celebrating in 2 short weeks!
Hugs to you.....Dannon


Tracey said...

Love the pictures! Happy Anniversary a little early!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had fun. I can't believe how big Zach is getting! hugs, m

Janelle said...

Hi Dannon! I saw your blog on the Camp Hope newsletter. Congratulations on your anniversary and your family. I was watching TV last night and saw a story on Chris Cakes on the Food Network. It made me think of my long lost Camp Hope friends. Someday I will be back there... someday!

Michelle's Musings said...

Ok, the horse pic comment Don made is funny, becuase that is what Val and Emi are always saying to me. Do we ALWAYS have to pose for pictures for your blog????
1 of the top 3 favorite lunch ladies at SMM,