Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Treyton!!!!!

Treyton turned 18 today!!!!! Hard to believe that a child I gave birth to just 3 days ago is already 18! :) My how time flies.....anyone seen the movie Jack with Robin Williams in it? I'm thinking we have that storyline beat!

The day started with a visit from the birthday fairy! As does every birthday at our house. The birthday fairy is a tradition I stole from my friend Sheri. The birthday fairy shows up at some point during the night and decorates the door of birthday person with balloons and streamers.....and leaves a birthday outfit to wear for the day.

Picture of the 18 year old Treyton and reminants of the birthday fairy decorations!

The outfit from the birthday fairy......quite handsome isn't he! (Disregard the kitchen counter, open cabinet and Zach's attempt to "help" by emptying the my defense the "stuff" on the counter belongs under the sink, but my husband emptied it to "work" under there!)

Probably Treyton's favorite birthday gift of the day. He's obsessed with the show Smallville and he got season 5 which he didn't have yet. If you look closely, he kindof looks like the guy that stars in Smallville....Treyton just needs to part his hair a little different and I think he could pull it off! :)

The birthday cake! Of course made by me this morning!

Zachy enjoying Treyton's cake! the next group of photos, you will see that I clearly lost my mind today! Treyton came to us a few weeks ago with a request for his birthday. Check out the first photo to see if you can guess what the request was......

Any guesses???????? I embarrassed him by photographing the event as I don't think that happens often in these places.

Ok...he and his sister wanted to get a given that I made that horrible decision for myself years ago I figured I couldn't really say no! That's one of the decisions I hugely regret to this many people my age do you think have a tatoo of curious george on them???? Not many I would guess!
Here he is getting ready......he's a bit nervous it's going to be painful!

Action photos of the front view and back view:

And the final's the chinese symbol for family.
And of course here is his sidekick that got the same tatoo on her shoulder blade.
So there was Treyton's first day as an adult! We had Donnie's mom and sister over for dinner. Autumn came home from Emporia and brought a friend along with her for the festivities. I think he enjoyed himself for the most part......other than being a bit sore! Sadly, I can relate to what he is feeling....although I don't really remember it as that was a long time ago. If only I would've thought that one out a bit better..........

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Michelle said...

What the?!?! I can't believe you went along for the ride.... Oh safety queen.

Did you check the symbol online to make sure they got the actual chinese symbol for family? I hope the tattoo artist didn't play a prank and put 'I love mom' or 'I'm with stupid' instead. :) ha!