Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend visitor

We had a weekend visitor for Labor Day Weekend. My niece Ashley joined us for a few days. She and Treyton love to hang out and decided to take advantage of a 3 day weekend! Donnie and I spent the weekend working on our remodeling.....actually we had some friends that did more of the work as it was out of our realm of expertise! The new bedroom in the basement is coming along. We also did some work in the kitchen that was unexpected.....Donnie tried to fix a drippy faucet unsupervised. I know have a new faucet w/ a fun sprayer!!! The kitchen also required some mopping as Donnie had a little water mishap in the process of "trying" to fix it himself. Thank God he has a friend who has plumbing knowledge!!!! :)

Here's a few pics from our weekend. Have some of Ashley, and of course some of Zachy! Zachy began "walking" this weekend! His biggest trek was about 8 steps! He also winked a ton at Ashley. I tried to get some pics of it but that's a hard thing to capture!

Zachy and my adorable niece Ashley! She loves her baby cousin! I had some stiff competition for Zach's attention this weekend!

He loved her cell phone.....actually he loves any cell phone. Treyton always bribes Zach to come to him by luring him in with his cell phone.

It's so tiring to be this cute.......

My attempts to capture the "wink"!
Ok, having some trouble with spacing issues, but too tired to stay up any longer to try and fix it!
Have a good week.....hopefully I'm able to report an adoption in the next week or so!.....dj


euthymic said...

he is very cute but i never thought it could be tiring, ha ha ha! my sister always tells her youngest son, "martin, don't be cute" as if he could stop that:) you seem to have a very interesting life.

Michelle said...

too cute! love the macho man...