Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vacation Day 3....for Zach and me anyway...

When we got up Sunday morning, the big kids, Donnie and my brother-in-law Paul were gone already to go skiing/snowboarding. So Zach hung with the next group of big kids (to him anyway) 2 nephews Dawson and Dylan. Dawson and Dylan are very into their Ninetindo DS's and Zach joined them by stealing bubba Treyton's (don't tell Treyton!). It was very cute. He sat there and pushed buttons and acted like he knew what was going on.

We lounged around all morning and waited until after Zach took a nap to venture out of the house. My sister and I took the boys to the Denver Children's Museum. There was LOTS of fun there! There were areas for dress up....which my nephews were in to. Zach not so much. Lots of make believe areas. Zach's favorites were probably the 0-4 area, the train room and the grocery store area. Here some pics from our day......

This is the train area.....Zach did really well at first. In the 2nd picture, Zach is hoarding the trains. A little had come in and was trying to play with him. He quickly scrambled around to all the tables and grabbed as many trains as he could and was holding them just staring at her. He then came and dumped them all right in front of me while he ran to get I would protect his stash or something! Guess we need to work on sharing!

In the evening, we went met up with all the big kids and went to one of my favorite childhood places to eat. I'll do a post all on that next! Then some GREAT pics from the skiing/snowboarding adventure that my brother-in-law took.


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Monica said...

Oh my goodness, what a FUN museum that looks to be. Zach looks like he's having a blast!!! Good times, good times. I'm sure Gemma would have loved the grocery store part. She has a toy cart at home and LOVES putting her toys in it. It's also a great aid since she's not yet walking.

Enjoying your vaca posts, what a fun spring break for your fam.