Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lovin the weather!

We were loving the weather in our area this weekend! Spent lots of time outside doing things. Saturday Zach and I fed the ducks, played at the park AND went to the zoo! Donnie was busy with the remodeling at the house so it was just Zach and I. I of course have no pics from Saturday as it was just the 2 of us and he's all over the place these days! I did get a couple today though.....

Donnie went with us today for a stroll in the park.....

Close up of a new hat this weekend too! :)

I pulled dead weeds from one of the flower beds this afternoon. Zach was quite helpful. He's gotten to where you can give him a simple request and he'll do it. So he would put the pulled weeds in the cart MOST of the time! He then helped me push it to the trash area. This pic looks like he's trying to push it himself, but really he was hanging on and swinging from the handle.....boys are so dangerous!

Zach had his own section of the driveway for his parking lot of toys! He hasn't quite figured out the dumptruck yet. I helped him put stuff in the back, but when he tries to drive it he puts all his weight on the backend and it flips up and he unfortunately wipes out and usually gets knocked in the face with the truck. I don't know any little boy who doesn't eventually figure it out so I'm hopeful this will be the case for Zach too!

We are off to Colorado to visit my sister and to ski/snowboard for spring break. We leave on Friday. We are excited as Autumn gets to join us and that's not always the case with her school and work schedule being busy! So our little family of 5 will get to travel all together! How long do you think everyone will get along and be excited that we all got to go????? It's a LONG trip there.....pre-Zach days it took us 9 hours or so. He's not the best car rider so we shall see how long it takes us.....we aren't able to leave until after Donnie and I both get off of work on Friday, so will make for a late, late night. I hope to post while I'm out there if my sister will share her computer. She's not always been the best sharer so if I don't post that must be what happened! :)

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