Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vacation Day 1

I didn't get a chance to post while at my sister's....she didn't share very well! :) Just kidding, when I did get on her computer I was obsessed with her facebook page looking up all my old high school friends to see what they look like now! Goodness people have changed......I may have to start my own page just so I can reconnect with everyone!

Here we are leaving our street to head to my sister's house in Colorado for vacation....I might add we are in our new minivan which I haven't done a post about yet! I was a bit on edge about trash, food and general mess in my new vehicle!

Zach did pretty good for about half of the trip. It's about a 9 hour drive to my sister's and he was not all that thrilled about spending that much time in his carseat. He did great while napping! :) Did watch a couple of videos and played with some toys. Ate ok....then as evening approached he became a bear! We traveled for awhile with him hollering and with about 2 hours to go in our trip, we decided that we were tired and he needed to be out so we stopped in a teeny tiny town and stayed in the only motel they had! They didn't have a room that would fit all of us, so we ended with the big kids in one room and us in the other.

This would be the bed that slept Donnie, myself AND Zach.....not much space! Full size beds aren't as big as they used to be! Our room also was like 90 degrees so we were hot as all get out.....Was a VERY long night for us.

The big kids had this lovely spaceous room and would've slept fine had they not watched Texas Chainsaw Masacre on TV before trying to sleep. Then they decided this little motel would be perfect for something like that to happen thus their sleep was a bit disrupted....although for far different reasons than Donnie and I's was! I took this pic just after I woke them up.....don't they look excited!

While waiting on the big kids to get around so we could get back on the road, Zach raided the snack box in the car looking for some breakfast!

Zach was NOT happy about getting back into the car to finish the remaining 2 hours of our trip to Aunt Michelle's! He screamed for the first 15 minutes or so and then we bribed him with a video and powdered donut! Powdered donuts are not typically something I would allow in the car with a toddler, but we were willing to try anything! Needless to say he was a mess......

This isn't necessarily from our first day of our trip....but including it anyway....
Eating at Aunt Michelle's house was interesting. We forgot to take our travel highchair so Michelle dug out one of her's from when her boys were little. Her's hangs out there in space which was new to Zach....and a bit scary for his mom! He looked like he could fall at any minute! He enjoyed being up so high and felt like he was in on the action and conversation though......

Aunt Michelle's floor suffered just a bit from Zachary's lovely eating habits! This pic was early in the meal....I should've snapped a pic at the end. Eventually he thought it was fun to throw food over the side and then peer down at it from his high perch. I eventually had to put a towel under him as some of the food was a little harder to get off the floor than others!

I'll have a few more posts from the fun things we did in the next few days to come....maybe I'll be crazy and post again later today! :)


Monica said...

Fun times, you are brave!!! The thought of that long of a trip with a young child scares me!! We have a hang-on-the-table chair (Chicco brand from Babies R Us) that I really like. I just carry it in our trunk, it's handy. And they are very safe. :-D

Kelly said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Loved the comment about the hotel stay for the big kids. Which desolate town did you stay in overnight? Shoot me an email when you get a chance. Should be easy enough to remember, right? Miss you, D!