Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas with the McMullen's

The day after Christmas, we got up and traveled to my parents house. Takes about 4-4 1/2 hours to get there, depending on the number of stops we have to make! Everyone loves going to my mom and dad's....what's funner than visiting a farm when you're a kid? There are 6 kids in our family and 4 of us made it home to celebrate Christmas over the weekend. The other 2 visited the in-laws this year....dang in-laws! Autumn unfortunately didn't get to join us for our trip....apparently her job thought she needed to work!

Here's Zach entertaining himself on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's.....

My dad always does his own shopping for everyone. My mom gets gifts from both of them, then my dad likes to do something special on his own. Well Treyton has been saving money to buy a car, so my dad got him a gift that would encourage him to keep it neat once he gets it! He's explaining the concept of his gift in this photo. By the end of the night, Treyton opened probably 10-15 random gifts from my dad all to go in his car cleaning kit. Was rather comical...felt like every other gift went to Treyton! He was a good sport about it!

Grandma Cindy made Justin a new quilt for his bedroom we are redoing. He's into the camo-thing so he of course loved it! Hasn't slept with any other blankets since!

Zachary had fun wrestling with cousin Dylan! My sister has a GREAT video of the two of them playing chase. She posted it on her blog and it makes me laugh everytime I watch it! I have NO clue how to steal it from her blog, so you are going to have to go check it out at her site. If you click on Cummings Chronicles on the side of my blog, then it will take you to her site. Then it's the post about Zachary and Dylan.

It was nice enough that we got to play outside with everyone! Zach is playing on the swingset with the "big boys."

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma.....Grandpa is known for giving fun rides on the 4-wheeler! Grandma lets kids run the roost and get into things. This wagon was full of frozen water and leaves....I was fussing, Grandma let him play in it! :) Note Zach's crazy hood in the pic with my dad and the 4-wheeler. Grandma bought him a new jacket with a hood that stands so tall it could've poked my dad's eye out!

We had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed spending time with both Donnie and I's families. Donnie and the boys had 2 weeks off from school and then my job blessed us with closing the office from Dec 24th until Jan 5th! So we got plenty of hanging out time in! Now that I've posted all our Christmas fun....I can move on to other our remodeling/demolition going on at our house, Zach's adoption signing and upcoming court date, and fun things Zach is doing now that he's a whopping 16 months old!!!!! Sounds exciting doesn't it!

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Audra said...

I love the part about your Dad and his personal Christmas shopping. I can so hear him giving the car care instructions. Too funny. Love the new background too. We need to get your sister on the pretty background bandwagon.