Friday, June 12, 2009


Ok....having computer issues tonight that will NOT allow me to upload pics! What a post with no pics? I know, upsets me too! I had planned to put pics on here of the 2 little boys that we had taken at Portrait Innovations when Taylor was 2 weeks old. Hard for me to believe that was a month ago....yep, he's 6 weeks old today!

Donnie and the 4 boys headed to Texas today to visit his brother's family. I am headed to Camp Hope tomorrow and will be gone for a whole week! Donnie will return home Sunday evening and will have a week of being a single father! He did great last year with Zach, but I'm a little nervous for him during the nighttime hours with little guys that both get up during the night! I cried uncontrollably when they left today. Donnie thinks it was cuz I think he can't handle parenting 4 boys without me. I just know my babies will change so much in the next week and I will miss them terribly! Taylor just smiled at me for the first time a couple nights ago. I'm not going to see that for a week!

So what is this Camp Hope that I'm going to that is taking me away from my boys? It's one of the greatest things I have ever done. Camp Hope is a camp for children who have or have had cancer. I started volunteering the summer I turned 21 years old. WOW that's a long time ago! This is my 14th summer for camp!!! I am now on the planning committee that works all year long planning every little detail of camp. I love the kids, love the volunteers, and love the experience....thus I'm going to be away from my babies for a whole week to go spend time with my camp family which I have become so very close to. Typically, I come home from camp very tired. I'm thinking that solid hours of sleep in a row regardless of the uncomfortable cot may be more restful to me this year than in years past. I won't know what to do not getting up every 3-4 hours to feed someone!

Maybe Donnie will be able to get pics loaded while I'm out. Although then I would have to give him my blog login and password. Hmmmmmm, we'll see! :)

Well, I'm getting picked up in the morning at 8:15 and I haven't finished packing.....gotta run! Dannon

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Have fun at camp with your opportunity to sleep all night :) And, I'd cry to if I was leaving Luke for an entire week. Marc would also probably think that I would think he couldn't handle single parenting.