Sunday, April 19, 2009

Texas Trip

We went to Texas last weekend Thursday to Saturday in order to take Treyton on a college visit and to visit Donnie's brother and his family. Many of you who know us, know that something interesting tends to happen to us when we travel. Well this trip was no different!

On our way there, we were about 30-45 minutes from Oklahoma City we ran into the Oklahoma fires that apparently were rappant all over the state! We literally sat for an hour an a half without moving from our spot! The smoke at times was so thick it was hard to breathe and our eyes burnt to the point we were crying. The fire at one point went through the ditch beside our car. That was very scary! There was nowhere we could go as we were trapped along with hundreds of other people. It was a bit entertaining at first, but when the fire got that close and we couldn't breath I looked at the back of the car at my sleeping toddler son and my 2 teenage boys and felt just helpless at being able to protect them. God has a way of sending gentle reminders that we are not in control of this life doesn't he! Thankfully, we made it out safely. It took us 8 1/2 hours to drive what usually takes us 5 hours due to the stops and detours we had to take. Other than a smell/ashy van, burnt eyes and getting all stopped up breathing-wise we came out just fine! I know many lost they're homes in the fires so we are thankful for only experiencing a delay in our trip!

As any good blogger would do.....I photographed our experience as we didn't have anything else to do! So here's a few pics of our time stuck on the interstate.....

The cars beside us and in front of us. At times the smoke would clear out and you could see a good 20 cars up. But other times it was difficult to see 2 cars ahead....

There was a guy who walked across to the other side of the interstate and just stood on the side of the road to take a pee break! Couldn't believe he didn't go down a little further so he wouldn't have such an audience! Sadly, I thought it was ok cuz it made for a blogworthy photo! :) Give me a break we were getting bored just sitting there! :) I had been doing fine up to this point, but seeing him go to the brathroom reminded my bladder that I hadn't been in a while and all of a sudden I had to go! Donnie and the boys refused to let me walk across the road to do the same. I can see why as I'm not sure my audience would've appreciated the view! We came up with several options for in the car....QT cup, putting on one of Zach's diapers, etc. I ended up holding it for those of you who are dying to know! :)

This was the view behind us......there were cars for MILES!

This was all happening to our right.......

Trying to keep Zach entertained while we sat on the the last 2 pics, he got ahold of my chapstick! Needless to say I don't use that chapstick anymore! Someone should've told him chapstick is NOT for eating! :)

On Friday evening, we went to eat here......which is now one of my favorite places to eat! It was scrumptous!

The view from our table.....YIKES! Anyone that knows me is aware I have an extreme shark phobia thanks to my 2 older brothers and a little mishap with the JAWS movie when it came out when I was like 6! Good thing I love crab as I overcame my fear and fought through long enough to make it through the whole meal!

My sister-in-law Tracey and I both ordered crablegs and both decided to be brave and wear the fashionable bibs they provide. Here's Tracey putting hers on.....somehow my pic doing the same didn't make it on here as it wasn't all that flattering! hehe. Guess this is why I have a blog Tracey. I can put pics on here of whatever I want and you can't do anything about it! You look GREAT! :) hehe

Let the feast begin.....

Sadly...I'm totally excited here! I just LOVE crablegs! Yes that would be butter splatters on my bib! Figured I would point it out cuz I know you noticed it too! :)

Treyton SWEARS this is how he found his crab when he picked it up.....yeah right!

Zach LOVED him some corn on the cob! He's never had it his technique, such lovely table manners! :)

What's left of the meal.....or not left I guess I should say! I loved this trash bucket thingy in the middle of the table. Although had to stretch to get my trash in it. Apparently I dropped crabflakes into Donnie's drink going over it. hehe! :)

Had to throw in a funny pic of Zach with Aunt Tracey.......not sure where they got this hat, but doesn't he look adorable! You should've seen Justin in it! He looked great! Not sure how I didn't get a pic of that!

I actually unpacked most of our suitcase when we got home. Donnie went into the bedroom and this is what he found......guess Zach wanted to get in there and make sure I had gotten everything out.....

Nice crack buddy....hasn't your mom bought you a belt?

We always have such a good time at David and Tracey's! Tracey and I always make a trip to the outlet mall where we visit Osh Kosh and Children's Place. One of my favorite things we do while we are there! Thanks for housing us guys....we had a good time!



Michelle's Musings said...

If you ever come across a Bubba Gump's restaurant, you would love it! I know there is one in Daytona Beach, just ask Don to take ya next

Janelle Janish said...

Wow...scary fire pix... but seriously amusing crab leg pics and Zach pics. :)